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Mechanial Services Maintenance



Flux Air's approach to proactive maintenance is to minimise breakdowns, improve occupant comfort, reduce running costs and extend overall asset lifecycle.

Our team of experts has the capability and knowledge to provide a range of preventative, semi-comprehensive and comprehensive maintenance options to suit your requirements.

With our integrated field information technology in the hands of our experienced and competent technicians, with real time two-way data transfer which supports our computerised asset and maintenance management system.

Our customer information portal provides real time information on all assets, maintenance progress, billing information and allows you to create new jobs day or night.

Mitsubisi Electric Experts

With the assistance of our integrated information technology asset and maintenance management and remote monitoring systems, it is most likely that we will find and rectify the fault before you even know it's there.

But in the event of a breakdown, our priority is to deliver a fast, efficient and effective service when and where you need it.

With our growing team of competent technicians and support staff, serving Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Regional NSW, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we are able to exceed your expectations.

We have multiple major HVAC service providers using our diagnostic and repair services as they realise that we have the expertise, experience and ability to rectify faults in a fast and cost effective manner.


Chiller Repairs
City Multi Experts

VRF/VRV Fault Diagnosis

As air conditioning advances into the future and the complexity of the systems increase they become increasingly more complicated to repair and maintain, this calls for specialised technicians who have the correct training and experience. Flux Air technicians have training and experience in diagnosing VRF/VRV equipment which can prove extremely cost effective for our clients as the fault is resolved quickly, and the correct parts are replaced after the initial diagnosis.

Many air conditioning company's in the HVAC industry use Flux Air to assist when diagnosing VRF/VRV equipment as they realise that their clients need repairs completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Offsite Asset Montoring

Off Site Monitoring

Flux Air offers an off site monitoring service that not only allows us to detect faults before the system shuts down, but also allows us to keep maintenance costs low.


The advantages of having off-site monitoring include:

  • A fault within the system can be detected before the customer is aware that there is a problem, thus reducing the downtime of the air-conditioning.
  • The customer will be made aware of any faults and Flux Air will advise on what steps need to be taken to resolve the faults.
  • As labour is expensive, Flux Air can log multiple systems at once and review the data after the logs have been saved. This will reduce the amount of time that a Technician is required on-site, thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • Off-site system checks can be carried out after-hours or on weekends where it will not inconvenience the occupants.



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